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italy.jpg (11947 byte)Bhacmdao_ qohladuaqh ihjmkeqoak gmjmqhpqmdm nepia, qai lagzbaekmcm BAPXARMNDN OK_GA, p 1853. .  Senigallia has been onespiaggia.gif (47429 byte) of the most popular seaside resots on the Adriatic coast, with it's thirteen kilometres of golden sands; the famous VELVET BEACH. Holidaymakers coming to Senigallia have ot their disposal over hotels bathing establishments, bars, pubs, restaurants, pizzerias and discos. A stay in Senigallia during the summer is an ideal occasion for swimming, sailing, windsurfing playing beach volley or water skiing, Sports lovers have a wide choice at their disposal; tennis, horse riding, bowling, bowls, table-tennis, football, basketball and roller-skating. Summer evening can be spent shopping in the old-town center or taking part in the live events and shows staged throughout the town and along the promenade. Thanks to the quality of the services it provides and the clean and safe bathing, Senigllia has been awarded the prestigious BLUE FLAG of the Foundation for Environmental Educational in Europe.

But the sea is not the only reason gor choosing Senigallia. The harmony and strengh of the Renaissance are to be found in the heart of the city, represented by the  Roveresca Fortress, the Place and Fountain of the Duke and the  Baviera Palace. The Ercolani Porticos, under which the famous "Fiera franca" of Senigallia is held, date back to the 18th century, while the adjacent Foro Annodeskportici.gif (26301 byte)nario, where the daily fisch and herb market is still held, was built in the early 19th century. A holiday in Senigallia also means the chance to visit the house where Pope Pius IX was born and to admire Perugino's Madonna in Trono e Santi in the Church of the Grazie. Furnischings, equipment and machines from the farming world can be seen in the Farming History Museum. The Municipal Museum of Modern Art and Information houses works of contemporary artists including an important collection of photographs by Mario Giacomelli.

Senigallia is not only sea and culture though, it is also an excellent place to enjoy delicious Marche cusine. Traditional and simple dishes comprising topquality blue-fish and fine   "Verdicchio" wine. One of the most famous is "brodetto", but wisitors should not miss the traditional  "vincisgrassi", tasty "cannelloni" and "porchetta" accompanied by a glass of "Lacrima di Morro d' Alba". Just a few kilometres from Senigallia are the acclaimed Frasassi Caves and - less than one hour's drive away  Loreto, Urbino, Gradara and Gubbio. The Marche hills are ready to welcome visitors more enticed by nature and the quiet life; an ideal occasion to discover small walled towns and castles - Corinaldo, Jesi, Piticchio, Nidastore, and Morro d'Alba to name just some. Fascinating and intriguing is the ROTONDA A MARE, sumbol of Senigallia as a holiday town and a virtually unique example of seaside architecture.

Senigallia is easly reached:

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See you soon on the VELVET BEACH of the Adriatic riviera.

See you soon in Senigallia.

Visita virtuale / Virtual visit
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